How I Can Help

My work with writers and clients is guided by three things:  A deep personal investment in creating the very best product, a true hands-on, collaborative spirit, and a commitment to excellence.  Whether it be working to develop or refine a proposal to command top dollar, providing detailed feedback to bring out the best in a completed manuscript, or troubleshooting a challenging project, I offer incisive and thorough editorial guidance.  But even beyond making sure the project itself is as strong as possible, my goal is also to help writers continue to develop their craft overall and to think strategically about their publishing careers and opportunities.  As a veteran publishing professional, I have a keen understanding of marketplace trends and reader habits, a network of deep publishing connections and an insider perspective of how the industry and publishing houses operate.

The specific services I offer to agents, publishers and aspiring or self-published writers are as follows:

Proposal Development

Developmental Editing

Content Creation


Book Doctoring

Select Ghostwriting

Rates subject to scope of work and timing.  Please inquire.