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Christine Pride
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"I don't believe there is any greater blessing than that of being pierced through and through by the splendor and sweetness of words....I wouldn't take a kingdom for it."

- Edith Wharton


About Me

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I firmly believe I have the greatest job on earth (well, with the possible exception of “beloved pop icon”). For the last fifteen years, I’ve had the privilege of discovering and publishing great books and working with writers to develop their craft and deliver their stories to the world.

I’ve worked as an in-house editor at various Big Five imprints, including Doubleday, Broadway, Hyperion, and most recently, as a Senior Editor at Simon and Schuster. I’ve also worked independently, contracting with publishers, agents and writers for editorial work, content development and ghostwriting. And, I’m starting a new journey on the “other side,” having sold two novels of my own (written with my dear friend and writing partner, Jo Piazza). The first, We Are Not Like Them, will be published by Harper Collins/William Morrow in Spring 2020 (see more details under “My Own Writing”).

Throughout my publishing career, I’ve worked on a diverse range of projects across many categories, including many New York Times bestsellers, but the through line to all my work is a passionate commitment to championing strong story-telling, distinctive voices, and narratives that drive discussion and offer emotional resonance and inspiration. I’m all about the stories and characters that pull you in and stay with you.

How I Can Help


My work with writers and clients is guided by three things:  A deep personal investment in creating the very best product, a true hands-on, collaborative spirit, and a commitment to excellence.  Whether it be working to develop or refine a proposal to command top dollar, providing detailed feedback to bring out the best in a completed manuscript, or troubleshooting a challenging project, I offer incisive and thorough editorial guidance.  But even beyond making sure the project itself is as strong as possible, my goal is also to help writers continue to develop their craft overall and to think strategically about their publishing careers and opportunities.  As a veteran publishing professional, I have a keen understanding of marketplace trends and reader habits, a network of deep publishing connections and an insider perspective of how the industry and publishing houses operate.

The specific services I offer to agents, publishers and aspiring or self-published writers are as follows:

  • Proposal Development

  • Manuscript Evaluation

  • Developmental Editing

  • Content Creation

  • Coaching

  • Book Doctoring

  • Select Ghostwriting

Rates subject to scope of work and timing.  Please inquire.  

Some Books I’ve


Nice Things People Have Said 


When Christine started her publishing career here at Doubleday all of those years ago, I knew she had a bright future and that prediction has been borne out.  Christine has all of the qualities that make for an outstanding editor—an innate feel for storytelling and narrative, a keen and curious mind, and an exuberant work ethic. It's no surprise why she has such a stellar reputation throughout our industry and that she's so respected by colleagues and agents and writers."

Bill Thomas, VP, Editor-in-Chief / Doubleday

“Christine Pride is the ideal editor. She’s brilliant, honest and kind, and instead of focusing solely on what doesn’t work in your book finds what does; she encourages a writer to explore the good, and enlarge on it, because she knows that eventually the good will overtake and overwhelm what’s not. I’ve worked with her on two novels, Mr. Sebastian and the Negro Magician, and Extraordinary Adventures, and I know they wouldn’t have become the books they are without her. Christine is magic.”

Daniel Wallace, author

“I’ve worked with the incredible Christine Pride on many projects over the years, across genres, and have consistently found her to be one of the most skilled editors in the publishing business. Her editorial work is precise, thorough, and unusually thoughtful and considered. My clients adore working with her and call her the author whisperer. Christine is the gold standard.”

Brettne Bloom, Agent, The Book Group

My Own Writing 


My own first novel (written with my dear friend, writing partner and former author, Jo Piazza) will be published by Harper Collins/William Morrow in Spring 2020.  We Are Not Like Them is the story of a lifelong friendship between black TV journalist Riley and Jen, a working-class white woman, who’s married to a Philadelphia police officer. When Jen’s husband becomes embroiled in the shooting of an unarmed black teenager, the tragedy upends their lives and friendship and forces each woman to confront complex issues of race and how it plays out in our most intimate spaces.  

In the vein of bestsellers like An American Marriage, Small Great Things and Caucasia, it’s a deeply emotional novel about the forces that bring us together and the ones that rip us apart. It’s about the things we say out loud and the ones we’re too scared to vocalize.  But at its heart, it’s the love story of a friendship that defies the odds, over and over. 

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