After a wonderful three and half years working as an independent editor, ghostwriter and consultant, I decided to return to a corporate position, as Senior Editor at Simon and Schuster.

Throughout my publishing career—which included stints at Random House and Hyperion before I went out on my own—I’ve acquired and edited a diverse range of books, from story collections to practical non-fiction, including numerous New York Times bestsellers.  At S&S, I continue to look for novels and non-fiction projects that feature strong story-telling, unique voices, emotional resonance and inspiration and that spark conversations and reflection about important themes like friendship, marriage, family, etc.

I’m convinced I have the best job on earth.  To be able to find and nurture talented writers, to engage in meaningful and dynamic creative collaborations, to be surrounded by bright, curious colleagues, to be able to passionately champion a book from the very first draft or germ of an idea all the way to retail shelves and into reader’s (perhaps your!) hands—all of this is a great privilege.

As an avid and passionate reader myself, I hope to bring you those stories that I love to read: the book that moves you to tears, or wows you, or makes you want to take note of a particularly poignant turn of words, that makes you think about your life and the world in a whole new way.  In other words, the stories and characters that pull you in and stay with you.  I’ll be updating the gallery below, so please check back and see what I’m working on.  I hope you’ll find some gems to add to your “to-read” pile and/or to recommend to friends.

Happy reading!

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