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After ten years in corporate book publishing at Random House and ​Hyperion Books, I decided to branch out on my own to work as a freelance editor and consultant for authors, agents and publishers. In my publishing career I’ve acquired and edited a very diverse range of books, from story collections to practical non-fiction, including numerous New York Times bestsellers.  I enjoy working across a variety of genres, but I  have a special passion for women’s fiction and memoir. As much as I loved finding and discovering new talent and championing a book from acquisition to retail shelves, the most rewarding part of the work was always helping writers to deliver the full potential of their work. I love the hands-on aspect and the creative collaboration of editorial work and the satisfaction to be had when a story is meaningfully enriched as a result of that collaboration. To then see readers delight in the fruits of that labor is an incredible rush. There are many things about the publishing industry that have changed and will change over the coming years, but the fundamental ingredients for success–recognizing the true potential of a project and helping a writer shape a story to be as perfect and as powerful as it can be–remain essential. I’m here to help you or your writers create that magic!


“Christine has a very keen editorial sensibility and brings an unparalleled passion to her work with authors– which is why they universally adore her so much. It is a fortunate writer who gets to work with Christine and have the benefit of her enthusiasm, good nature, and sharp insights.”

–Bill Thomas, Senior VP, Editor-in-Chief, Doubleday

“Christine has a great reputation in this industry and for good reason: she’s thorough, smart and fast, all qualities you want in an editor.”

–Christy Fletcher, Fletcher and Company

“I loved working with Christine. She cared about my characters as much as I did and believed wholeheartedly in the potential of my story. I’m grateful for her cheerleading and that she made the editing process fun. And her wise suggestions resulted in a stronger book– and a New York Times bestseller.”

–Lee Woodruff, author of Those We Love Most



I can provide an overall structural and comprehensive line edit for fiction and non-fiction manuscripts with detailed notes, designed to strengthen themes, voice, pacing, characterizations and organization.

idea, project and proposal development

I specialize in creative brainstorming and concept development to help writers flush out marketable fiction or non-fiction story ideas; or to help celebrities, public figures, or people with extraordinary personal stories to develop memoirs.

book doctoring

For manuscripts which need more significant revision, I can provide re-writing and re-organizing services working in close consultation with author and editor to enhance the material so that it meets the vision for publication.


After ten years in the book publishing business, I can provide knowledgeable consultation and practical advice and information on any number of publishing-related issues such as:

  • * finding and working with an agent
  • * if and how to self-publish
  • * query letter review
  • * turning blogs to books

….and any number of other pertinent questions.


I’m also available for other writing projects: blog development, grant writing (I worked in non-profit management before publishing), marketing and flap copy, press materials, bios and website copy, etc.


​Are competitive and negotiable. Depending on the project and nature of the collaboration, I will charge an hourly rate or a flat project fee.

select titles

(acquired, edited and/or collaborated)

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